Building for the Future, Enjoying the Present

We help people protect their financial lives through various insurance products, such as life insurance, disablity insurance, and long-term care insurance.  We also help our clients understand what other insurance coverages might be important to consider, such as home and auto, renters, earthquake, and umbrella insurance. 

Insurance is a way to mitigate away some risk that otherwise could prove dangerous or catastrophic to a financial plan.  However, because insurance is inherently meant to deal with uncertain futures, there is rarely a clear-cut "right answer" when considering insurance options.  We work with clients to think throught the possible strategies that might be appropriate and choose to best path forward.  This often includes dealing with special situations, such as life insurance for someone with a difficult health history. 

When the purchase of insurance is not a reasonable option, risk management takes on an entirely different planning aspect. Time and energy should be spent developing strategies to cope with the financial issues of a potential unfortunate event.

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