Investment Management

We work with our clients to tailor custom investment strategies aimed at achieving individual goals.  Our investment team is experienced and collaborative, and we implement consistant and concientious processes to bulid and maintain our portfolios.  We utilize world-class investment options and research, while still being able to operate as a family-owned business, working for our clients instead of a Wall Street corporation. 

Investment management can only effectively happen with a clear understanding of the goals and risks associated with the available strategies.  We work with our clients to discuss the relavent issues and the make sure they understand thier choices, educating and empowering them to be comfortable with thier path. 

We beleive that to be successful at investing, at least the following is required:

  1. Time - to study on a consistent basis the reasonable options, to make decisions, to act on those decisions, and then to make changes when appropriate.
  2. Interest - to enjoy the research and the monitoring required to obtain favorable results.
  3. Energy - to do what is required throughout the years.
  4. Experience and perspective - to understand how the past might be a guide to the future, and how it is not predictive of future results.
  5. Patience - to cope with up periods, down periods, and (often the most difficult) flat periods when it seems that nothing is happening.
  6. Discipline - to stay with a strategy even when it seems to be underperforming, unless and until one's circumstances change.
  7. Objectivity - to keep your pride or fear from influencing your decisions.

By working with us on an investment plan, clients can delegate many of the above requirements to us, allowing us to take care of the details while still being involved to whatever extent they would like. 

Also, we fully understand that investments only make up a portion of your financial life, and that an investment plan can never be complete without coordination of the overall financial plan.